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Jay's T-Shirts

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Your first class

Visitors are welcome to come in and watch or try a class. Class is conducted on foam mats. Footwear is not allowed during class.

If you're not used to a regular martial arts or fitness routine, you should come at least twice a week and give our program a month to start seeing results.  Don't be frustrated if you don't have the endurance or technique of more advanced students.  We all were beginners at one time!


Most of the equipment can be bought from the martial arts store next to the studio, as well as sporting goods stores like Academy Sports and Sports Authority or online. We typically have a spare pair of gloves if you're just trying the class or forget yours.

Visitors. You don't have to bring anything but we highly recommend your own equipment for best comfort and hygiene. Wear comfortable workout clothes.

Regular students.  The class uniform is a black top.  A Jay's Kickboxing tshirt may be purchased from martial arts studio.  You can wear any workout bottoms.  Boxing (best for maximum protection) or training gloves are required. Gloves range from $20 to $40 and are a personal preference.  They can be light bag gloves, MMA-style finger gloves, or boxing gloves.  Here are examples from Sports Authority.  For boxing gloves handwraps are recommended to protect your knuckles and support your wrist.  Buy a few pairs as they get sweaty and need to be washed.

Advanced students. In addition to handwraps, you'll need shinpads and jumprope.  If you plan on sparring, bring a mouthguard and cup (for guys!).