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All students are required to wear a Jay's Kickboxing tshirt or black top. All classes may not be offered.  Check our schedule for current classes.

Muay Thai/Kickboxing Fitness

Enjoy a fun, all-around workout that combines punches, kick, and cardio! Jay varies the activities to keep the program fresh and challenging. Stay with us a month and we guarantee you'll see increased conditioning, skills, flexibility, and strength.

Classes provide basic self defense skills and work out your mind and your entire body. Warmups can include floor exercises, weights, stretching, and jump rope. Main exercises cover punches, kicks, and combinations on the floor with large and small bags, with a partner, and with the instructor. Classes end with different cooldown and strength exercises for your core, including abs, butt, and arms.

Required dress and equipment: Workout attire, kickboxing or boxing gloves, hand wraps optional

Get a great intense workout with the Kickboxing class. The class takes your conditioning, endurance, and skills to the next level. Master more self-defense techniques, including advanced kicks. Work on your speed, coordination, and strength with drills involving footwork, bags, focus pads, and kicks and punch combinations. Students have the option for light sparring to work on offensive and defensive skills.

Required dress and equipment: Workout attire, kickboxing or boxing gloves, jumprope, shin pads, hand wraps recommended

Muay Thai literally means Thai boxing. This martial art from Thailand has relatively few restrictions compared to kickboxing. It adds elbow and knee strikes, as well as leg kicks and clinching. Muay Thai has become popular in recent years with the rise of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Muay Thai provides a complete standup arsenal for the MMA game.

Required dress and equipment: Workout attire, kickboxing or boxing gloves, jumprope, shin pads, hand wraps recommended.

Get a total workout and exercise your body, mind, and cardio. Learn the basics of footwork, combinations, and bag work. Work your way up to light sparring with instructors and other students. Bag work includes punching bags, heavy bags, speed bags, and focus pads.

Required dress and equipment: Workout attire, hand wraps, boxing gloves, jumprope

Kempo Go-Ju Karate

Kempo Go-Ju is two styles in one - Chinese-style kickboxing and Japanese hard/soft style of street technique. Higher rank (brown, purples, black belts) train with weapons.

This style like other martial arts helps build motivation, confidence, self esteem, respect and honor. This style is also used by police officers, state troopers, task force officers and FBI agents.

Many of today's popular styles of martial arts orginated from Go-Ju. Kempo is an ancient style of karate from China, which is Chinese kickboxing. Go-Ju is an ancient style of karate from Japan, which is Japanese hard and soft; strictly for the streets. Aikido, Jujitsu, and Muy Thai all have techniques that are similar to the Kempo Go-Ju style.

Charles Warren was taught overseas by Yamaguchi's pupils, and also taught by Master Oyama. Yamaguchi is Go-Ju style and Master Oyama is Kempo style. When Master Warren came back to the United States in 1970, permission was granted from the two foreign Masters, and so he combined the two styles to become Kempo Go-Ju.

The first school was formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1970. Today there are eight schools in Wisconsin, one in Atlanta, two in Europe, and one in Yugoslavia. Jay's Kickboxing is the first and only Kempo Go-Ju school in the state of Texas. Kempo Go-Ju has thousands of students worldwide and is a traditional and disciplined art. We strongly believe in the Kempo Go-Ju creed: honesty, honor, pride, patience, and discipline.

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